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The Ohio Benefit Bank is an Internet-based, counselor assisted service that connects low- and moderate-income families to tax credits and work supports. As a response to the declining economic plight facing thousands of Ohioans, The Ohio Benefit Bank connects individuals and families to the support they need where they live, work, play, and pray.

The Ohio Benefit Bank is supported through a public-private partnership between the Office of Governor Ted Strickland, the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks (OASHF) and Ohio's foodbanks as well as over 1,100 faith-based, nonprofit, governmental and private partners. The creation of this service as a tool to assist those in need has put the state of Ohio in the forefront of fighting hunger and poverty, while linking those in need to the supports that help in their day to day lives.

Designed to bring people closer to stability and closer to self-sufficiency, this free web-based service simplifies and centralizes the process of applying for many state and federal benefits for low and moderate-income individuals and families.

Developed for use by a wide range of community based, faith-based, governmental, job-training, healthcare or social service agencies, The Benefit Bank can be part of a community-wide response to poverty.

Community and faith-based organizations, social service agencies, food pantries, job training programs, and homeless shelters are among the groups using The Benefit Bank to help people file Federal and State Income Taxes, and apply for publicly sponsored programs like CHIP, Food Stamps, LIHEAP, and more - at one convenient location and at no cost.

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