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Adolescent Initiative

Jewish Education Center of Cleveland (JECC)
Amnon Ophir
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The Adolescent Initiative supports and promotes formal and informal experiences for teens:


  • The Youth Professionals Network convenes monthly under the auspices of the Adolescent Initiative. Community activities designed especially for adolescents are planned.  In addition, members of the YPN discuss issues of common concern and focus on areas of adolescent development.
  • Funding opportunities include a Subvention Grant program, available to congregations to help offset the costs of youth programming.  In addition, YOFI Grants provide all youth groups the opportunity to receive funding towards the costs of special programs or activities.
  • Advocacy for teenagers is one of the things we do best!   We believe that a wide variety of quality informal Jewish experiences will enrich the lives of our youth and will help to nurture a Jewish identity that will last forever.  Whether it be through mentoring the youth professionals who work with our youth, bringing teens together as a youth community for programming, or encouraging teens to further their connection with the land of Israel, the Adolescent Initiative strives to enrich the Jewish lives of our adolescents.
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