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Youth Groups

Suburban Temple-Kol Ami
Lisa Kollins
Director of Congregational Life

Youth Group programs are available for our middle school students. Fifth and Sixth Temple Youth (FSTY, pronounced "feisty") provides opportunities for fifth and sixth graders to meet together in a social setting. Seventh and eighth graders also gather to socialize through the JASY group (JASY, pronounced "jazzy", stands for Junior Association of Synagogue Youth).

But youth activities are not just social events. They are often organized around an opportunity for community service, such as serving meals to the homeless or raising money and collecting food for the less fortunate.

Suburban Temple-Kol Ami organizes many FSTY and JASY activities that allow late elementary students or seventh and eighth grade middle-schoolers to interact with their peers, but sometimes the groups are combined to encourage exchange and mentoring between young people of different age groups.

High school students are not forgotten after Confirmation at Suburban Temple-Kol Ami. Many of our high-school age students stay involved in the Religious School by becoming a part of the staff. This year, 24 of them are working as office and classroom madrahim (aides) and "shadows," students who serve as special aides to children with special needs.


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